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Tiananmen Massacre: The Rise & Fall of the 1989 Chinese Student Democracy Movement. China's Communist government declares war against its own citizens. Also, the fate of the Tank Man is detailed.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Death of Tendar - Chinese Police Brutality In Tibet

Death of Tendar

From: http://www.phayul.com/news/article.aspx?article=Rare+footages+show+China%E2%80%99s+brutality+on+Tibetan+protestors&id=24241

Video is of a young Tibetan named Tendar, who succumbed to his injuries after he was brutally beaten and tortured by Chinese police officials.

Tendar, a staff in the China Mobile company, met his evil fate on March 14, 2008, after he tried to stop Chinese authorities from beating a lone monk while on his way to his office.

Tendar later suffered inhumane treatments at the hands of Chinese authorities, DIIR statement said.

According to the press statement, Tendar was fired at, burned with cigarettes butts, pierced with a nail in his right foot, and severely beaten with an electric baton.

The footage showing the wounds and the bruise marks visible on his body is a testimony of the brutality he was subjected to by the Chinese authorities, the statement said.

Tendar was denied basic medical care at Chinese military hospital and was later shifted to the TAR Peoples Hospital. Doctors at the hospital removed about 2.5 kgs of his body part in order to clean out the rotten wounds caused by prolonged delay in medical treatment.

Due to covering his wounds with polythene, his wounds began to rot as clearly seen from the footage, the press statement said.

According to the statement, despite efforts made by his family in meeting huge medical expenses, doctors at the peoples hospital failed to bring improvement to Tendars ailing body.

He died due to his injuries on June 19, 2008.

When his corpse was offered to the vultures according to the tradition (Sky Burial), the statement said a nail was found in his right foot.

If this video scares you, then pass the word; Free Tibet !

Source: http://www.phayul.com/news/article.aspx?article=Rare+footages+show+China%E2%80%99s+brutality+on+Tibetan+protestors&id=24241

Text Copyright; Phayul and Others




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